Nathan Thompson
Design Director / Principal

Since 1975 Nathan has worked with light in many fields, including corporate, theatrical and music performance, manufacturing, specialist contracting, art making, education, and design consulting.

Passionate about passing on his knowledge, Nathan has been teaching at various colleges and universities, as well as presenting lectures in many countries. In 2008/2009 he was the Art Foundation visiting professor at UCLA in Los Angeles, USA; and he is currently teaching in the master's program of the architecture department at Hochschule Wismar, Germany.

As The Flaming Beacon's design director Nathan has successfully developed the company into an architect's lighting design consultancy. His considered, interdisciplinary approach and his dedication to finding simple answers to complex questions ensures that the practice continues to produce appropriate design with thought and finesse.

Nathan is a professional member of the PLDA.

photo: Ponch Hawkes