Lateral, sweet-spot solution finding through thoughtful collaboration.

The Flaming Beacon is an independent, international lighting design consultancy specialising in the design of beautiful, exclusive hospitality environments. Our niche extends into the design of places that prioritise the principles and excellence of bespoke hospitality including exceptional residences and boutiques.

The company was founded in Melbourne in 1986 by Managing Director Nathan Thompson. He and co-Director Andrew Jaques – also a shareholder – along with the company’s Associates, have developed The Flaming Beacon into an internationally-renowned practice with about 25 design and support staff between their studios in Melbourne and Berlin.

A timeline of highlights:

Since the time of its founding, The Flaming Beacon has maintained an active connection to the arts, collaborating over the years with diverse performers and artists, and we believe this experience not only positively informs, but is indeed pivotal to, the richness of our designers’ architectural lighting solutions.

Over 35 years, and across 36 countries, we have developed the knowledge and acquired the experience to identify and then create the ambience that will support our projects’ objec­tives.

Excellence brought to light.